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  1. Validate that my existing Chrome bookmarks and apps are indeed available on the new computer once I sign in. << DONE
  2. Browse the web! (Duh.) << DONE
  3. Plug in my Blue Snowball and Eyeball 2.0 and attempt to use them with GTalk.
  4. Browse to the Squeezebox Server instance on my Windows Home Server to listen to music. << Squeezebox didn’t work.  I got this going with Firefly Media Server and Fireplay.  However, couldn’t save the Fireplay web page as a bookmark or app. Filed a bug report.
  5. Plug in my digital camera and iPhone to upload pictures and video to Flickr. << Plugged in my iPhone and couldn’t browse the file system while trying to use Flickr’s web uploader.  Filed  a bug report.
  6. See, what, if any, of my podcast production workflow might be able to be done using ChromeOS.
  7. Carry it in a side pocket of my main work laptop case and use it while on the go. << DONE.  When you’ve got six geeks ogling your new tech toy, you know it’s popular. 🙂
  8. (New) Edited my WordPress blog!