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I’ve just changed the old cygweb‘s home page to an archive list and have posted about this blog.  Please update your subscriptions and links!  Thanks.

cygweb has moved to!

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This site will remain online as the cygweb archives circa 2002-2006.

See you at the new site!

  1. Write as much as possible in 2007 and beyond.
  2. More technical blogging, even if it means rehashing the geekery I do at work.
  3. Use categories/tags to good effect.
  4. Just do it.

OK, I’ve avoided using hosted blog services forever, but seems pretty darn nice.  I like what I’ve seen at Six Apart’s Vox, but that service doesn’t yet offer export. does, so I’m going to try it.  Why am I here?  Tired of tweaking Movable Type to avoid the negative effects of “spam storms” to appease my hosting provider.  I’ll continue to use MT as the CMS for Manolas, but that’s it for now.  Cygweb circa 2002-2006 (made static) will continue to be available at, but my new home is now  At least, it is until I decide whether or not I want to attach a better domain name to it.  I don’t mind pimping; they have a very nice solution.

I’ve received two “high CPU” notices from my host about the CPU usage of my search and comments CGI scripts. Before the second, I tried to obfuscate the name of the comments CGI a little, and it didn’t help. Since I’m hosting my blog and MHS on the same server, something’s gotta give. I doubt the spammers are hitting that site. So for the time being I’ve disabled comments and search on this blog until a figure a way around this. I’m not sure whether checking out MT’s dynamic publishing is worth the work versus considering a move to WordPress. Email me if you have comments.

Just upgraded the site to Movable Type 3.32. I hope that will prevent some of the timeouts we’re seeing with some of the CGI scripts.

I’ve averaged just shy of 250 entries per year to reach this point: happy to be a small cog in a large blogosphere.

We had a great time out west. We’re decompressing and unpacking now. I won’t be riding tomorrow morning unless I start feeling a lot better; yesterday I picked up a cold or I’m having an allergy attack. It made the flights fun, but Sudafed helped.

We visited all of the places we’d planned to, and yesterday we even squeezed in visits to the Numismatic Society‘s Money Museum and Manitou Springs. It was a great week off with Melissa’s grandparents and the weather cooperated nicely!

Our family will be traveling out to Colorado Springs for the next week, visiting Melissa’s grandparents and aunt. We love going out there; there’s so much gorgeous nature to be had. Melissa’s found us two new (to us) places to visit: Royal Gorge and the U.S. Olympic Training Center. We’re planning to revisit Santa’s Workshop, and I’m sure we’ll go see the Garden Of The Gods again. It should be a nice week away from work and the net.

I wanted a new book to read during the trip, so I picked up Ray Kurzweil’s The Singularity Is Near. I’ve heard good things about his book The Age Of Spiritual Machines (the inspiration for OLP’s Spiritual Machines), which was the book I was looking for at Borders and couldn’t find. This should be a good read. I’ve also loaded up the Hi-MD with recent CD acquisitions that I’ll finally get to digest.

See ya in one week.