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Can’t wait for 12/12/12!

Mastering VMware vSphere 4 by Scott Lowe

Blue Microphones’ Snowball (a USB mic I plan to use for podcasting and light recording)

X-Men Origins: Wolverine Special Edition DVD

Yellow cycling shirt

Spices and marinate/grilling sauce

Dark Chocolate Peanut M&Ms

Muse: The Resistance

Applebee’s Gift Card

And a dinner at Alfred’s Victorian with my wife!

Thanks all!

Over the last few weeks I’ve been cleaning up my personal web space in the hopes of either putting out a decent lifestream page or at least a summary page for where to find me on the web.  My old blog content has been imported here, but there’s so much trivial crap and dead links that I haven’t been insprired to fix up.  I think I’m going to finally axe (at least in its current form) and redirect that here if possible.

Guess I haven’t been inspired to blog much lately, aside from the missives I add to my links and occasional dents.  Part of it is not sitting down in front of my dashboard enough, and part of it is not taking time out to journal.  I think I need to be more concerned about the journaling aspect of blogging and less concerned about “who will read this?” and “what they will think?”


WordPress has upgraded to the 2.7 engine and it’s got quite a different Dashboard.  I had gotten a preview thanks to Paul at work, who’s worked with me on implementing WPMU for our internal blogging site.  Even though the default color scheme is neutral, it can be spruced up and I like the responsiveness, especially with Turbo mode engaged.  Thanks to Automattic and the team for keeping this such a great, free blogging platform.

Manolas has been running Movable Type 3.33 for a while, so it was time to get it up to the latest version we’re still entitled to: 3.38.  I put my MT hat back on and had the upgrade done in no time.  I wouldn’t mind upgrading our license to 4.x, but at $200 it doesn’t fit into the budget.  The business is not growing right now.

Speaking of MT 4.x, that does run my home page, which is in desperate need of attention.  I’m going to upgrade it to the latest MT 4.23 soon.

Happy Veterans Day to my dad and all of our other brave souls who have served in the US military.

Since recently upgraded their dashboard and are offering us more storage space and other capabilities, it may be time for some sprucing up here.  I’ve been using the Tarski theme on my development WPMU blog at work and I think it’s pretty nice looking.  That’ll probably be the first change.  I also want to look into moblogging possibilities as well, so that there’s less of a “posting barrier”.  I’ll probably add my Yahoo Pipe content, which is an aggregate of my blog, Twitter, Flickr, and streams.  I should probably clean up categories, tag old content, etc., but that’ll take some time.  I’m thinking of ditching my old blog instance (and its permalinks) since I have copies of the posts here, but there’s probably some image copying I’d need to do to preserve the content.  We’ll see.  Don’t know if I have enough time to care about that!

I’ve been using Yahoo! Pipes to aggregate my blog posts, link blog, and public Flickr pics for a while now.  The output has always been a bland bulleted list on my homepage that was usually in need of a manual refresh.  (I’m such an MTOS weenie.)  No longer.  I’m using the new Pipes badge and it looks about 1000% better.

Also, signed up on Facebook (finally) today.  Don’t know that I’ll use it any more than Pownce (which I haven’t at all) but it seemed worthwhile for the networking/reconnection possibilities.

Today I imported the content from cygweb circa July 2002 – December 2006 from to this blog.  Some linked content will still be dependent on the old site, but I’m not too worried about that.  It’s nice to have my blog history all in one place.

I was pleased to receive a request to use one or more of my CC-BY Flickr photos in an online slideshow.  Details to follow once the re-use has occurred.  Since I’ve asked to be credited as “Alex Harden /”, I guess that’s the push I needed to finally create a home page there!

Updates (4/2):  The beginnings of a home page are up.

These two photos are the ones of interest: