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  • RT @HashiCorp: In his latest @WIRED article @klintron writes about HashiCorp's fastidious focus on automation and developer experience. Re… 3 hours ago
  • RT @Mikel_Jollett: Making all public college free in the US would cost about $60 billion. Congress gave the military a $61 billion increas… 3 hours ago
  • RT @MUweather: A sunny, cool Tuesday ahead of what might be the most impactful storm of the season coming on Wednesday. Snow will arrive ea… 5 hours ago
  • @scotbuff @Super70sSports In the 70s they wheeled projectors around the school, and we liked it! 13 hours ago
  • RT @RyanMiller3039: Thanks a lot to everyone who has reached out. I feel really blessed to have had so much support in my career from famil… 22 hours ago
  • RT @wikileaks: Page 136 of former FBI Acting Director Andrew McCabe's book, recounting a 2017 Oval Office meeting: "Then the president talk… 22 hours ago
  • RT @meganmorrone: All I really want from self-driving cars is for them to talk to each other enough so that humans are no longer in charge… 23 hours ago