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I’ve migrated several of my machines over to Firefox 3 RC3 and I like it.  Of course, this means that some of the old Add-ons need replacing/upgrading.  My recommended Add-ons:

  • Delicious Bookmarks:  Essential for a linkblogger like me.  The 2.x version adds a few active icons to the status bar.
  • Gmail Notifier:  Needs no introduction.  If you use Gmail, you need this.
  • OPML Support:  When I want to port my bookmarks between FF instances, this is clean.  I rarely use it.
  • QuickProxy:  Essential on my work laptop.  I used to use SwitchProxy but found this one when upgrading to FF3.  It doesn’t allow multiple proxy configurations, but I don’t need more and its one-click on/off operation makes up for it.  SwitchProxy hasn’t been upgraded to a FF3-compatible version yet.

I sent my Gmail account a 53kB AMR sound file (about 1 minute of audio) from my phone and when it showed up in my Gmail inbox the attachment was a ~512kB WAV file (mono, 8-bit).  I checked my phone to make sure it hadn’t auto-converted the file before sending it and it says it didn’t.  This means Gmail could be a handy part of an AMR-to-podcast solution.  Besides its conversion and email gateway roles, it would serve as a handy data archive.

Just got done listening to Cindy and John DJ a fun mix of classic and modern rock with a focus on indies.  Great stuff.  Go check out  They’re on Saturday evenings at 8-11pm.  There are several other shows there as well.  I’ll be back!

I’ve been using Yahoo! Pipes to aggregate my blog posts, link blog, and public Flickr pics for a while now.  The output has always been a bland bulleted list on my homepage that was usually in need of a manual refresh.  (I’m such an MTOS weenie.)  No longer.  I’m using the new Pipes badge and it looks about 1000% better.

Also, signed up on Facebook (finally) today.  Don’t know that I’ll use it any more than Pownce (which I haven’t at all) but it seemed worthwhile for the networking/reconnection possibilities.

My photo of a coaster at the Pike Pub & Brewery in Seattle is one of the photos used for Pike’s entry on Schmap Seattle Restaurants.  Thanks to Emma at Schmap for the attribution and the kind note.

I can’t ping the DynDNS domain names I had registered and their website doesn’t remember my account. Be wary of free services. Anyone else have an issue with them?

Update: I had registered with DynDNS with my “root” email address, which I don’t check as regularly as Gmail. They gave me 48 hours to keep my account active in a message from 10/21 that I didn’t see it until… just now. Guess I’ll re-register, but my warning about free services stands; you get what you pay for. My account was completely blown away; their lost password service didn’t remember my email address.

The email talks about Account Upgrades “to prevent your hosts from expiring every 30 days.” Guess I was the victim of a money grab?

Update (10/25):  I think I was bitten by the fact that I wasn’t using an updater client to regularly check in to DynDNS since my IP doesn’t change very often.  I’ve re-registered with DynDNS and am running inadyn as a service to check in every so often.

I’ve got both Firefox and Thunderbird using our Windows-based profiles under Ubuntu 7.04. “firefox -profilemanager” and “mozilla-thunderbird -profilemanager” are my friends.  And so is ntfs-3g.

I just looked out at the National Parks Conservation Association’s slideshow index and found that they’ve published the slideshow about Jamestown that includes the two photos I cited before.  Go take a look!

I couldn’t let this one go with just a link. Today’s annoucement that EMI’s catalog on the iTunes Music Store will be available in a “premium”, DRM-less, higher-fidelity version is pretty big. iTMS customers that have previously purchased singles shouldn’t balk at the 30-cent tax. The fact that albums will continue to cost the same is a great endorsement of the artistic work’s form. Unencumbered 256kbps AAC definitely has the potential to be a great compromise between DRM’d 128kbps AAC and an open, lossless format, assuming that online digital album pricing vs. the price of a physical CD reflects the efficiencies of each distribution model.

I was pleased to receive a request to use one or more of my CC-BY Flickr photos in an online slideshow.  Details to follow once the re-use has occurred.  Since I’ve asked to be credited as “Alex Harden /”, I guess that’s the push I needed to finally create a home page there!

Updates (4/2):  The beginnings of a home page are up.

These two photos are the ones of interest: