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I’m hoping to watch a bit more hockey as the Stanley Cup Finals approach. The main problem is that I don’t have ESPN2, and my ESPN and Comcast Sportsnet is limited to the one digital cable box we have. Well, really, the main problem is that my wife doesn’t like hockey. 😉

That aside, here are my completely unscientific picks for the semifinals:

  • Canadiens over Lightning in 6
  • Flyers over Leafs in 6
  • Wings over Flames in 5
  • Sharks over Avalanche in 6

How would you pick ’em?

Update: Via Scoble: How the Sharks use Tablet PCs for video review.

I’m a little bummed that the Dominator get to didn’t play more this season, but there is a silver lining: he made a rare gesture to his team. Yes, he’s a veteran and has been well compensated in prior years, but when’s the last time you heard something like this?

I suppose the naysayers will say that he should have given the money to charity. No good deed goes unpunished.

Holy crap! I wish I could have seen this game!

Either I have a poor team or a poor strategy (or both); my fantasy hockey team is currently next-to-last in our rotisserie league. I’ve shaken up my roster this week in hopes of jumpstarting the stats. I’m a casual hockey fan, so it’s hard for me to keep up with who’s hot & not at this point.

Rotisserie-style scoring is very new to me – I’m so used to the head-to-head style. Weaker teams have a much more difficult time in a rotisserie league.