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The 2012 NFL season kicks off soon! Please join me and others from the Brutal Deluxe Football League on Yahoo’s Fantasy Football games!

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Writing at NBC’s Pro Football Talk, Mike Florio (partially referencing points made by Tony Dungy) makes a great point:

On this topic, NBC’s Tony Dungy made an excellent point during Wednesday’s PFT Live.  The 11-5 Jets must play at the 10-6 Colts, and the 12-4 Ravens will be playing at the 10-6 Chiefs.  No one has complained about the inequity of those situations.

And given that the Packers and Eagles have the same record and that the Packers beat the Eagles in Week One, all four wild-card games feature a division winner hosting a team that, technically, had a better overall season.

Talking about playoff reseeding based solely on record is a slippery slope.  It weakens divisons, which I think are aligned about as well as can be expected given the NFL’s current makeup.

SI’s Peter King ranks the Bills as the 31st (yes, next-to-last) team in the NFL in today’s MMQB column:

Drafting C.J. Spiller is the one thing a terrible offense did this offseason to get better. Unfortunately, he can’t throw the football.

That’s just crazy.  The Bills have a decent defense, a new offensive-minded head coach, and three excellent running backs.  They’re going to make something happen.

I rank the NFL teams in thirds: the top third get to the playoffs, the middle third play tough but not well enough, and the bottom third suck.  The Bills are definitely in the middle third.  Peter, reconsider your ranking!

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Yahoo! 2009 Fantasy Football: Brutal Deluxe Experimental League (BDXL)

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Yahoo! 2009 Pro Football Pick’Em: BDFL and Friends Group

  • Pick the winner in all NFL games each week of the regular season
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Yahoo! 2009 Survival Football

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Since there was no BDFL podcast this week, here are my thoughts and predictions for this week in the NFL.

News and Notes

I’m disappointed Drew Brees came up short against Detroit to eclipse Dan Marino’s record.  Brees’ 386 yards blew away his 316.8 yds/game average this season, but he needed 16 more to break the record.  Still, he ended up with a second-best-ever 5069 yards.  As a consolation, his ten 300-plus-yard passing games tie Rich Gannon’s 2002 record for the most in one season.

Of the coaches that have been fired since the end of the regular season, I’m most surprised by the Jets’ letting go of Eric Mangini.  He should return as a head coach somewhere else next season.

I can’t believe we have two 8-8 division winners this year — Chazona.  That is, San Diego and Arizona, the two teams that temporarily shared a home field in 2003.  Neither will make a dent in the playoffs.

Wild Card Predictions

Atlanta (11-5) at Arizona (8-8):  The Cardinals won the NFC West by being the least bad team.  The Falcons were much better.  Perhaps the Cardinals are having trouble selling out the game because it’s on a Saturday that’s part of an extended holiday weekend, but I think it’s more than that.  Atlanta should continue their resurgence: Falcons 34, Cardinals 17.

Indianapolis (12-4) at San Diego (8-8):  The Colts ride a nine-game win streak into this one and are 6-2 on the road this season, including a win in San Diego.  The Chargers have been very inconsistent and won’t be able to pull this game out.  Colts 27, Chargers 23.

Baltimore (11-5) at Miami (11-5):  The Ravens won handily in Miami earlier this season (27-13), and I think they’ll do it again.  However, the defenses on both teams will keep it close.  Ravens 13, Dolphins 12.

Philadelphia (9-6-1) at Minnesota (10-6):  Both of these teams were lucky to make it into the playoffs.  I think the battle-tested Eagles will contain the Vikings’ running game enough to win.  Eagles 28, Vikings 24.

Yes, I think all the away teams will win this weekend.  The weather shouldn’t factor in as a home-field advantage in any of the contests; two are in domes and two are in southern stadiums.  The watering down of the playoff seeds accomplished with the 2002 realignment is to blame.

Update (1/4 10am):  Well, I went 0-for-2 on these predictions yesterday and my UB Bulls couldn’t find enough offence against UConn.  Arizona handled Atlanta well, and Darren Sproles and Mike Scifres led the Chargers to victory.

Ravens-Texans game rescheduled for Nov. 9

If you have Ravens or Texans scheduled to start in fantasy this week, make different plans. Baltimore and Houston’s bye weeks move to this week and Cincinnati’s moves from Week 8 to Week 10.

The Texans are on the road for Weeks 3 and 4 before returning home to face the Colts on Sunday, October 5th. That gives Houston a few weeks to repair the stadium and recover in general from Hurricane Ike.

Nudged by a reader, here’s my predictions for the Harrisburg-Lancaster-Lebanon-York TV market’s NFL games for the 2008 season.  Yes, I played the game last year; go back to that post for the background.  I’m starting with Week 3’s games, since Week 2 has been published.  I’m going out to Week 10 now.  I’ll do the remaining weeks later.  I’ll emphasize correct guesses and cross out wrong ones with a note.

Week 3, Sunday, Sep. 21:
CBS: Miami at New England, 1:00pm (I’d rather see Oakland at Buffalo!) Cincinnati at New York Giants, 1:00pm
CBS: Pittsburgh at Philadephia, 4:15pm
FOX: Arizona at Washington, 1:00pm

Week 4, Sunday, Sep. 28:
(Tough week!  Philly plays Sunday Night and Baltimore and Pittsburgh play on Monday)
CBS: Denver at Kansas City, 1:00pm Cleveland at Cincinnati, 1:00pm
FOX: Green Bay at Tampa Bay, 1:00pm
FOX: Washington at Dallas, 4:15pm

Week 5, Sunday, Oct. 5:
CBS: Tennessee at Baltimore, 1:00pm
CBS: Cincinnati at Dallas, 4:15pm
FOX: Washington at Philadelphia, 1:00pm

Week 6, Sunday, Oct. 12:
CBS: Baltimore at Indianapolis, 1:00pm (luckily, Pittsburgh’s on a bye this week)
FOX: St. Louis at Washington, 1:00pm
FOX: Philadelphia at San Francisco, 4:15pm

Week 7, Sunday, Oct. 19:
CBS: Baltimore at Miami, 1:00pm (eclipses Pittsburgh at Cincinnati due to “must air away game” regional rule)
CBS: Cleveland at Washington, 4:15pm
FOX: Dallas at St. Louis, 1:00pm San Francisco at NY Giants, 1:00pm

Week 8, Sunday, Oct. 26:
CBS: Oakland at Baltimore, 1:00pm
FOX: Atlanta at Philadelphia, 1:00pm
FOX: NY Giants at Pittsburgh, 4:15pm

Week 9, Sunday, Nov. 2:
CBS: Baltimore at Cleveland, 1:00pm
FOX: Detroit at Chicago, 1:00pm Green Bay at Tennesee, 1:00pm
FOX: Philadelphia at Seattle, 4:15pm

Week 10, Sunday, Nov. 9:
CBS: Buffalo at New England, 1:00pm Baltimore at Houston, 1:00pm (must have missed this on the schedule originally)
CBS: Indianapolis at Pittsburgh, 4:15pm
FOX: Green Bay at Minnesota, 1:00pm

(Flexible scheduling starts in Week 11; predictions, when made, will be less accurate!)

Week 11, Sunday, Nov. 16:
CBS: Baltimore at NY Giants, 1:00pm
CBS: San Diego at Pittsburgh, 4:15pm
FOX: Philadelphia at Cincinnati, 1:00pm

Week 12, Sunday, Nov. 23:
CBS: NY Jets at Tennessee, 1:00pm (This one’s a toss-up since Baltimore’s on FOX and Pittsburgh plays on Thursday.)
FOX: Philadelphia at Baltimore, 1:00pm
FOX: Washington at Seattle, 4:15pm NY Giants at Arizona, 4:15pm

Week 13, Sunday, Nov. 30:
CBS: Baltimore at Cincinnati, 1:00pm
CBS: Pittsburgh at New England, 4:15pm
FOX: NY Giants at Washington, 1:00pm

Week 14, Sunday, Dec. 7:
CBS: Cleveland at Tennessee, 1:00pm Cincinnati at Indianapolis, 1:00pm (WHAT?)
FOX: Philadelphia at NY Giants, 1:00pm
FOX: Dallas at Pittsburgh, 4:15pm

Week 15, Sunday, Dec. 14:
CBS: Buffalo at NY Jets, 1:00pm
CBS: Pittsburgh at Baltimore, 4:15pm
FOX: Washington at Cincinnati, 1:00pm (here’s hoping for Tampa Bay at Atlanta)

Week 16, Sunday, Dec. 21:
CBS: Pittsburgh at Tennessee, 1:00pm
FOX: Philadelphia at Washington, 1:00pm (if this gets moved to 4:15pm, I pick Carolina at NY Giants)
FOX: Arizona at New England, 1:00pm (PHI/WAS was flexed to 4:15pm, and CAR/NYG was flexed to SNF)
FOX: Philadelphia at Washington, 4:15pm

Week 17, Sunday, Dec. 28:
CBS: Cleveland at Pittsburgh, 1:00pm (if it gets flexed, I pick Jacksonville at Baltimore)
CBS: Denver at San Diego, 4:15pm (unless the Pittsburgh or Baltimore games get flexed to this slot) Jacksonville at Baltimore, 4:00pm (giving myself this one because it was flexed in)
FOX: Dallas at Philadelphia, 1:00pm NY Giants at Minnesota, 1:00pm
FOX: Washington at San Francisco, 4:15pm Dallas at Philadelphia, 4:15pm (another selection that was flexed)

Final tally for 2008:

  • Number of games predicted: 46
  • Number of correct predictions: 38
  • Accuracy: 38/46 = 83%

I haven’t gone out of my way to check out replays of the hit on Tom Brady yesterday that damaged his knee, but something I’ve been wondering is if the Patriots’ decision to move from grass to FieldTurf in mid-season 2006 might have contributed to the situation…

NFL Field Pass is a system to allow you to listen to the radio feeds of most of the NFL teams for $40 for the season.  I’ll “pass”.

WHP-DT didn’t run the HD feed of The NFL Today and the pre-game of the Steelers/Texans game I’m watching now.  Let’s hope engineering wakes up and flips the switch at 1pm.  Just about every NFL game will be available in HD this season, but it’s up to the local affiliates to pay attention.  As I was typing, they just flipped over to HD at about 12:57pm.

Can’t believe I didn’t submit my NFL or College picks this week.  Those are my Mulligan weeks.  I’ll make sure to at least pre-pick a few weeks ahead so I don’t get screwed again.

Enjoying the BDFL podcasts with Scott.  Please give us a listen and some feedback!

My picks (minus Thursday night’s game):

New England
New Orleans
San Diego
Green Bay