We were wrapping up watching some stuff on our DVR when I saw NBC’s live special report around 11pm EDT yesterday. The president came on at about 11:30, I think. While I’m glad Osama bin Laden was found, I hope that the authorities have enough physical evidence to convince his followers that he’s been eliminated. Supposedly there is indisputible photographic and DNA evidence, but his body was reportedly “buried at sea”. Unfortunately, I think his campaign had much of its intended effect. Post-9/11, the government has spent more on travel-related security in the last 10 years than in the entire history of our country combined, our Department of Defense has ironically been playing on offense halfway around the world, and our military spending has heavily contributed to the debt that threatens to wreck our economy even worse than it already is. I think about how much productivity our economy has lost due to security-related fears and I get depressed.

I pray that OBL’s death leaves a leadership void that destabilizes global terrorism enough to reduce global violence, decrease the perceived need for war, increase the peace, allow governments to unwind the security theater that’s choking our freedom and productivity, and help us to get back on the right track. Make love, not war, indeed. Let freedom ring.