Writing at NBC’s Pro Football Talk, Mike Florio (partially referencing points made by Tony Dungy) makes a great point:

On this topic, NBC’s Tony Dungy made an excellent point during Wednesday’s PFT Live.  The 11-5 Jets must play at the 10-6 Colts, and the 12-4 Ravens will be playing at the 10-6 Chiefs.  No one has complained about the inequity of those situations.

And given that the Packers and Eagles have the same record and that the Packers beat the Eagles in Week One, all four wild-card games feature a division winner hosting a team that, technically, had a better overall season.

Talking about playoff reseeding based solely on record is a slippery slope.  It weakens divisons, which I think are aligned about as well as can be expected given the NFL’s current makeup.