I received a Google CR-48 netbook from their Pilot Program yesterday.  One of the first things I wanted to do with it was get it to play music from my home library, which is hosted on my Windows Home Server.  I have used both Firefly Media Server and Squeezebox Server on there for a few years.  Firefly serves out iTunes-compatible DAAP, and Squeezebox Server can serve to Squeezebox-compatible clients like MainSqueeze on the Roku.  Since I knew Squeezebox had an HTTP interface, I thought it would be the way to integrate with ChromeOS.  But I’d forgotten that that was only a control interface; playback happened on a device, not the web page itself.

That reminded me of the Fireplay add-on for Firefly, which I had read about but never had a need to use.  While there is a packaged add-on of it available for WHS, installing that didn’t put the necessary files in the Firefly web interface directory.  Manually putting the files in the directory and restarting the Firefly service did the trick.  Fireplay is a flash-based player that communicates directly with the Firefly Media Server.

Fireplay on ChromeOS

Brief instructions:

  1. Obtain and install Firefly Media Server.  I have mine configured to use port 9999 for its web service.  It has an admin password, but not a music (streaming) password.
  2. Obtain Fireplay from here.
  3. Unzip the Fireplay files into your Firefly instance’s admin-root folder; mine’s at “C:\Program Files\Firefly Media Server\admin-root”.  Detailed directions are here.
  4. Restart the Firefly Media Server service.
  5. Browse to the Firefly server using a URL like “http://<servername&gt;:<port>/FirePlay.html”; mine is http://ghostrider:9999/FirePlay.html
  6. Login with a blank username and your admin (not music) password.
  7. Enjoy!