1. It’s pronounced “Shin-co-teeg”, as in “Shh, keep this place a secret!”
  2. The town is pony crazy.
  3. Definitely check our your different accommodation options.  We rented a 3-bedroom house for a week from Island Getaways that worked out to a little over $150 a day and it was a steal for the location (center of the island) and size.  Yes, you can’t just go downstairs and get a free hot breakfast every morning, but it’s a lot more quiet and private than a hotel or inn.
  4. Since the islands here are flat, there are ample & usable shoulders on many roads for biking, and there are dedicated trails in the NPS-run parks, cycling is a great way to get around the island.  There is plenty of bike and moped rental capacity, but if you own a bike already, bring it.  You’ll like it better than most of the goofy rental bikes I saw.
  5. The town has several key events that appear to occur mainly in the summer months.  The Annual Pony Swim and Auction in late July is the most famous, followed by the Fireman’s Carnival many weekends in the summer, the Annual Blueberry Festival in July, and the Annual Oyster Festival in October.  There may be more, but these were the ones I experienced or saw advertised.
  6. Mosquitos are controlled on Chincoteague Island, but not on Assateague.  Normal insect repellent worked on Chincoteague, but we needed something stronger for the swarms that greeted us on the trails of Assateague.  Deep Woods OFF! worked for us there, but you’ll want to apply it everywhere, not just exposed skin.
  7. Turn signals are apparently optional here.  My only guess is that it must add some spice to island life.
  8. Be prepared to travel off the island to find a full-service grocery store.  We used the Food Lion at the intersection of US 13 and VA 175, about a 12-minute drive away.  It was excellent.
  9. Cell/net connectivity on the island is good.  I saw at least one cell tower on the island and my AT&T coverage was strong,  Our place had included Verizon DSL with a wireless router.  There were many locations with free Wi-Fi (the Island Creamery is one).
  10. You may find restaurant service on the island lacking in hospitality, timeliness, and food quality.  We found the food prices kind of high, and that was compounded by Virginia’s 10% sales tax.  We had the best experiences during our visits to Ledo Pizza (twice), Woody’s BBQ (twice), and the Sea Shell Cafe.