Yesterday morning we walked over to the Chincoteague Community Center for breakfast and the arts & crafts at the 23rd Annual Blueberry Festival. Breakfast included big blueberry muffins and pancakes – all was good. “The Piped Piper” played horns for our entertainment, and I felt compelled to tip him the instance he played two harmonized trumpets at once and sounded AWESOME doing it! The selection of vendors was good. Ryan took a ride on a horse. I picked up some mountain blackberry and blueberry preserves from West Virginia Fruit & Berry, and Melissa and Ryan returned later during Zachary’s nap to get a nice wooden duck carving. Also playing at the festival was a bluegrass band called Mountain Faith who were pleasant to listen to.

Lunch was back at the house – I grilled some hot dogs. We’ve definitely been eating out more than I think we expected when we started the week. After lunch Melissa and Ryan went out on their bikes on the aforementioned run back to the Blueberry festival, as well as to some gift shops. I got to stay behind and read while Zachary napped. I’m finally starting Neal Stephenson’s “Snow Crash”.

After Zachary woke up, we visited a basket shop and Melissa bought one – she loves baskets. Then we visited the Sea Shell Cafe and had our best dining experience on the island so far. Some of the TripAdvisor reviews were rough earlier this season, but our server and the staff (including a friendly woman who appeared to be the owner and/or manager) were great. The food was excellent and plentiful. 5 shells!

After that (yes, we got around yesterday) we went over to the Fireman’s Carnival, which to my surprise is held on permanent fairgrounds with a fair (pun intended) number of fixed adult and kiddle rides. There were also raffles and vendors there. Ryan and I picked up some new bandanas and Melissa got a pair of earrings. We bought Ryan a ride pass and he ran around and rode as many rides as he could. We stayed with Zachary, who rode on his own more than he has in the past at Hersheypark and seemed to like it. It’s hard to tell how much he likes the rides; he’s usually more stone-faced than smiling. But he didn’t frown or cry, so they must have been good!

Today we plan to go back to the beach. The rest of the day is undecided. We’ve visited all the sites we had planned to, so for the weekend we’re open to re-try stuff or just hang out. We leave Monday morning.