[Originally written on Wednesday, July 21, 2010]

This morning we biked in the Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge. There’s a Wildlife Trail closed to cars until the evening, so it was just us bikes riding on it. We got to see some of the wild horses up close and personal. A little pony was coming up to me at one point, but since I didn’t know what to expect (and there was food in my bike’s front bag), I casually moved on. The horses are apparently used to people – they were calm as we passed. We visited the Refuge’s Visitor Center; the exhibits focused on endangered/threatened species that are being sheltered by the various National Wildlife Refuges. Great stuff.

In Harrisburg we have almost no mosquitos, so I get though many summers without a bite. Unfortunately, the forests of Assateague Island are filled with them, and I didn’t put enough repellent on before the ride. I probably have about a dozen bites now! Luckily, I seemed to make a big, sweaty target – Melissa and the kids don’t seem to be having this trouble. Chincoteague Island itself (i.e. the tourist town) is sprayed, so they’re not too bad here, although if you’re out for a while, you’ll want repellent on.

For lunch we went to Woody’s BBQ, and I had their “Memphis” sandwich (BBQ, sauce, and cole slaw). It was excellent.

Riding our bikes around here is really easy. Many of the streets accommodate bikes on wide shoulders and there are paved trails in the Refuge. It’s all flat and close together, so we rode less than 10 miles total today.

Later this afternoon we went down to Main Street and checked out some art dealers and souvenir shops. Ryan got a most excellent souvenir – his own hermit crab in a cage. Zachary got a t-shirt, and I got a zippered hoodie. Melissa got a small bottle with tiny seashells in it. We went to Chincoteague Inn Restaurant for dinner and had a better experience than yesterday, but it seems like it all could be BETTER. Tomorrow I think we’ll stay in.

We were thinking about going to Ocean City one day this week, but with the Fireman’s Carnival (with rides) and the Blueberry Festival coming up this weekend we’ve decided to just stay here. Tomorrow we are planning on visiting the NASA Visitor Center and another museum whose name escapes me right now. There’s rain forecasted for tonight, so I’m thinking it’ll be a little rainy tomorrow morning, but we’ll see. We had overcast skies this morning and a sunny afternoon and early evening.