Yesterday went well. We gave our first day of presentations and generated a lot of discussion, which is why we agreed to travel thousands of miles. 😉 Everyone there was very nice to me and I got to meet a few new people as well as meet some in person that I’ve dealt with in email or over the phone occasionally for years. There’s nothing like “pressing the flesh”.

I requested a Japanese restaurant last night and while my hosts said it wasn’t exactly authentic, it’s a lot closer to the real thing than we get in the US. I requested it expecting hibachi-style “cook-it-at-the-table” stuff like Benihana, but what we got was a lot more interesting. For about 150RMB (about US$25 each), we got all that we could eat and drink (including beer and saki) and we could choose from anything on the menu. Like the Chinese restaurant, all dishes are shared. I tried lots of new dishes, but I avoided eel and sardine. Everything else tasted wonderfully. Another great dining experience.