Monday’s Gillmor Gang finally convinced me that FriendFeed is the way to go to aggregate my online activities.  I’m “aharden” on FriendFeed, just like I am here and on my preferred services moving forward.

Which services do I prefer?  They’re the ones I’ll link to FriendFeed.  I may still use a service like to update my status/microblog in multiple locations, but only one of those places (right now it’s will be in my FriendFeed.

A few changes as a result of this:

  • No more daily link posting here.  My links are in my FriendFeed.
  • No more Yahoo! Pipes on my homepage (which is still being rebuilt — slowly) – I’ll embed FriendFeed.
  • I’m going to start using my account more to see what kind of data will flow out of it.
  • This may be the tool that gets me out of Bloglines and into Google Reader.  We’ll see.  I think some of the data flows I watch in Bloglines will be obviated by what I’ll end up watching in FriendFeed.

I think FriendFeed is probably doing the best job of both aggregating content and stimulating conversation around it.  I haven’t used it much, but I’ve heard a lot about it.

The only portion of my social graph that I mined when joining FriendFeed was my Gmail contacts.  I plan to ease myself into the FriendFeed pool by being careful about who I choose to follow.