Over the last few weeks I’ve been cleaning up my personal web space in the hopes of either putting out a decent lifestream page or at least a summary page for where to find me on the web.  My old blog content has been imported here, but there’s so much trivial crap and dead links that I haven’t been insprired to fix up.  I think I’m going to finally axe http://alexharden.org/blog/ (at least in its current form) and redirect that here if possible.

Guess I haven’t been inspired to blog much lately, aside from the missives I add to my del.icio.us links and occasional dents.  Part of it is not sitting down in front of my WP.com dashboard enough, and part of it is not taking time out to journal.  I think I need to be more concerned about the journaling aspect of blogging and less concerned about “who will read this?” and “what they will think?”