WordPress has upgraded WordPress.com to the 2.7 engine and it’s got quite a different Dashboard.  I had gotten a preview thanks to Paul at work, who’s worked with me on implementing WPMU for our internal blogging site.  Even though the default color scheme is neutral, it can be spruced up and I like the responsiveness, especially with Turbo mode engaged.  Thanks to Automattic and the WP.com team for keeping this such a great, free blogging platform.

Manolas has been running Movable Type 3.33 for a while, so it was time to get it up to the latest version we’re still entitled to: 3.38.  I put my MT hat back on and had the upgrade done in no time.  I wouldn’t mind upgrading our license to 4.x, but at $200 it doesn’t fit into the budget.  The business is not growing right now.

Speaking of MT 4.x, that does run my home page, which is in desperate need of attention.  I’m going to upgrade it to the latest MT 4.23 soon.