Only two more days until the election.  I think I’ve made my decisions.  I’m not voting a straight ticket, that’s for sure.

President: Barack Obama (D).  Regardless of the rhetoric, and having to choose between him and McCain, I think he will best lead our federal government and will best represent our country to the rest of the world.  He’s run a relatively consistent and thoughtful campaign.  I wish he hadn’t spent so much of the campaign dollars he received on big media buys, though.

State Senate: Judy Hirsh (D).  Jeff Piccola’s relentless negative campaigning cost him my vote.  Judy Hirsh attacked his political record when she called him “do-nothing”.  He sent mailer after mailer to my home with pictures of her looking like an alien, attacking her for having a house in Florida, and citing her personal financial troubles.  Looking at the issues, I’m very against Piccola’s view that no portion of property taxes should fund public schools.

State Representative: Ron Marsico (R).  Marsico’s running unopposed this year.

US Representative: Toni Gilhooley (R).  Tim Holden (D) doesn’t have much of a presence around here and I’m not very aware of how he’s represented our district in Washington.  He didn’t film a video for WITF’s Open Access program, so that shows me that he’s not trying to earn my vote.  Like most other US Representatives, he hasn’t responded to the Change Congress pledge.  His campaign funds are supposedly flush with PAC money.  In her Open Access video, Gilhooley touched on issues I think are important.

PA Attorney General: Tom Corbett (R).  I haven’t investigated this campaign and sticking with the incumbent seems like a safe bet.

PA Auditor General: Jack Wagner (D).  Another incumbent vote.  I don’t think there is a challenger in this race.