Nudged by a reader, here’s my predictions for the Harrisburg-Lancaster-Lebanon-York TV market’s NFL games for the 2008 season.  Yes, I played the game last year; go back to that post for the background.  I’m starting with Week 3’s games, since Week 2 has been published.  I’m going out to Week 10 now.  I’ll do the remaining weeks later.  I’ll emphasize correct guesses and cross out wrong ones with a note.

Week 3, Sunday, Sep. 21:
CBS: Miami at New England, 1:00pm (I’d rather see Oakland at Buffalo!) Cincinnati at New York Giants, 1:00pm
CBS: Pittsburgh at Philadephia, 4:15pm
FOX: Arizona at Washington, 1:00pm

Week 4, Sunday, Sep. 28:
(Tough week!  Philly plays Sunday Night and Baltimore and Pittsburgh play on Monday)
CBS: Denver at Kansas City, 1:00pm Cleveland at Cincinnati, 1:00pm
FOX: Green Bay at Tampa Bay, 1:00pm
FOX: Washington at Dallas, 4:15pm

Week 5, Sunday, Oct. 5:
CBS: Tennessee at Baltimore, 1:00pm
CBS: Cincinnati at Dallas, 4:15pm
FOX: Washington at Philadelphia, 1:00pm

Week 6, Sunday, Oct. 12:
CBS: Baltimore at Indianapolis, 1:00pm (luckily, Pittsburgh’s on a bye this week)
FOX: St. Louis at Washington, 1:00pm
FOX: Philadelphia at San Francisco, 4:15pm

Week 7, Sunday, Oct. 19:
CBS: Baltimore at Miami, 1:00pm (eclipses Pittsburgh at Cincinnati due to “must air away game” regional rule)
CBS: Cleveland at Washington, 4:15pm
FOX: Dallas at St. Louis, 1:00pm San Francisco at NY Giants, 1:00pm

Week 8, Sunday, Oct. 26:
CBS: Oakland at Baltimore, 1:00pm
FOX: Atlanta at Philadelphia, 1:00pm
FOX: NY Giants at Pittsburgh, 4:15pm

Week 9, Sunday, Nov. 2:
CBS: Baltimore at Cleveland, 1:00pm
FOX: Detroit at Chicago, 1:00pm Green Bay at Tennesee, 1:00pm
FOX: Philadelphia at Seattle, 4:15pm

Week 10, Sunday, Nov. 9:
CBS: Buffalo at New England, 1:00pm Baltimore at Houston, 1:00pm (must have missed this on the schedule originally)
CBS: Indianapolis at Pittsburgh, 4:15pm
FOX: Green Bay at Minnesota, 1:00pm

(Flexible scheduling starts in Week 11; predictions, when made, will be less accurate!)

Week 11, Sunday, Nov. 16:
CBS: Baltimore at NY Giants, 1:00pm
CBS: San Diego at Pittsburgh, 4:15pm
FOX: Philadelphia at Cincinnati, 1:00pm

Week 12, Sunday, Nov. 23:
CBS: NY Jets at Tennessee, 1:00pm (This one’s a toss-up since Baltimore’s on FOX and Pittsburgh plays on Thursday.)
FOX: Philadelphia at Baltimore, 1:00pm
FOX: Washington at Seattle, 4:15pm NY Giants at Arizona, 4:15pm

Week 13, Sunday, Nov. 30:
CBS: Baltimore at Cincinnati, 1:00pm
CBS: Pittsburgh at New England, 4:15pm
FOX: NY Giants at Washington, 1:00pm

Week 14, Sunday, Dec. 7:
CBS: Cleveland at Tennessee, 1:00pm Cincinnati at Indianapolis, 1:00pm (WHAT?)
FOX: Philadelphia at NY Giants, 1:00pm
FOX: Dallas at Pittsburgh, 4:15pm

Week 15, Sunday, Dec. 14:
CBS: Buffalo at NY Jets, 1:00pm
CBS: Pittsburgh at Baltimore, 4:15pm
FOX: Washington at Cincinnati, 1:00pm (here’s hoping for Tampa Bay at Atlanta)

Week 16, Sunday, Dec. 21:
CBS: Pittsburgh at Tennessee, 1:00pm
FOX: Philadelphia at Washington, 1:00pm (if this gets moved to 4:15pm, I pick Carolina at NY Giants)
FOX: Arizona at New England, 1:00pm (PHI/WAS was flexed to 4:15pm, and CAR/NYG was flexed to SNF)
FOX: Philadelphia at Washington, 4:15pm

Week 17, Sunday, Dec. 28:
CBS: Cleveland at Pittsburgh, 1:00pm (if it gets flexed, I pick Jacksonville at Baltimore)
CBS: Denver at San Diego, 4:15pm (unless the Pittsburgh or Baltimore games get flexed to this slot) Jacksonville at Baltimore, 4:00pm (giving myself this one because it was flexed in)
FOX: Dallas at Philadelphia, 1:00pm NY Giants at Minnesota, 1:00pm
FOX: Washington at San Francisco, 4:15pm Dallas at Philadelphia, 4:15pm (another selection that was flexed)

Final tally for 2008:

  • Number of games predicted: 46
  • Number of correct predictions: 38
  • Accuracy: 38/46 = 83%