Even if you’re not playing with us in the BDFL, you can join one of our free fantasy football games or pick groups hosted on Yahoo!

The password for our league or group in all games is “brutal”.

Yahoo! Fantasy Football: Brutal Deluxe Experimental League
(Yardage-based league. 10-16 teams, depending on response. No keepers; last year’s owners are encouraged to re-join the league ASAP.)
League ID: 384913

Yahoo! Pro Football Pick ‘Em: BDFL/Nitevilla/Cygweb
Group ID: 17721

Yahoo! College Football Pick ‘Em: BDFL/Nitevilla/Cygweb
Group ID: 8534

Yahoo! Survival Football: BDFL/Nitevilla/Cygweb
Group ID: 3032

Yahoo! Salary Cap Football: NOT OPEN YET.

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