Melissa takes all the credit for this year’s week away from home and family; she researched and planned our trip to Erie last week.  At first I was thinking “what’s there to do there besides visit Presque Isle?”, but as I started to read the tourism-related information I realized they have a lot of stuff for families to do there.  We had a great week there; here’s what we did:



  • Presque Isle: Biked the lower half of the peninsula in the morning, ate a picnic lunch, then hung out at Beach 6 for the early afternoon.



  • Erie Zoo (map):  Erie’s Zoo seemed only a little larger than Hershey’s ZooAmerica, but I found it much more charming.
  • Waldameer Park (map): A great amusement park, similar to Knoebel’s.  Free parking and pay-as-you-go or less than $20 to ride everything.  Ryan loved it.


  • Panama Rocks (in Panama, NY) (map): Interesting rock formations that climbers would have a lot of fun with. The owners were very friendly and offered excellent facilities and info.


  • Tom Ridge Environmental Center (map)
  • Presque Isle:  We biked around the upper/east end of the peninsula in the morning, ate a picnic lunch, took a free pontoon boat ride through some of the lagoons, and visited the craft show that was being held as a part of “Discover Presque Isle” weekend.