Since recently upgraded their dashboard and are offering us more storage space and other capabilities, it may be time for some sprucing up here.  I’ve been using the Tarski theme on my development WPMU blog at work and I think it’s pretty nice looking.  That’ll probably be the first change.  I also want to look into moblogging possibilities as well, so that there’s less of a “posting barrier”.  I’ll probably add my Yahoo Pipe content, which is an aggregate of my blog, Twitter, Flickr, and streams.  I should probably clean up categories, tag old content, etc., but that’ll take some time.  I’m thinking of ditching my old blog instance (and its permalinks) since I have copies of the posts here, but there’s probably some image copying I’d need to do to preserve the content.  We’ll see.  Don’t know if I have enough time to care about that!