I’d been intrigued by the Linksys NSLU2 (and the associated NSLU2-Linux project) a while back. [see linkblog] When some $30 refurb units came up on Slickdeals yesterday I couldn’t say no. I should have one in a couple of days. Any advise as to which firmware to run on it would be helpful. I plan on trying out the different MP3 server packages on it, as well as doing general CIFS serving and some Python hacking. I’m leaning towards SlugOS/BE.

Update (3/31):  I spoke too soon.  CompUSA (I mean TigerDirect) first put a hold on my order to confirm my PayPal credit, then they put it on backorder, now they’ve cancelled it.  And I had to keep going to their website to find out the status; they didn’t have the balls to email me to let me know.  Guess I didn’t get in on the Slickdeal or run in the hamster wheel quickly enough.  After this disappointment I can’t recommend doing business with CompUSA.com or TigerDirect when there are awesome mail-order places like NewEgg.