We went and saw Bee Movie at the newly opened Great Escape Theatres Harrisburg Mall 14 earlier today. Their $6.50 matinée and $9.00 adult prices aren’t great, but several aspects of the experience were. Firstly, concessions were not as highly priced as our local Regal Theater. Secondly, the roughly 90-seat theater (#6) we were in had rocker-style seats with foldable armrests and plenty of legroom for this 6’3″ frame. Also notable was room to comfortably accomodate at least four, if not six, patrons in wheelchairs. Thirdly, there was no advertising shown prior to the stated start time. At the start time, 8 minutes of pre-feature advertising, consisting of three movie previews and a Coke commercial were shown. No “Great Escape tells you to turn off your cell phones… please, silence your cell phones” message, no “go back to the lobby and buy some concessions” message. Finally, about a minute into the movie I realized there was no projection artifacts (dust, etc.) in what was being shown and the images were perfectly clear; I think everything was being presented digitally. It blew me away.

Add all this up and you have a superior moviegoing experience than what I’m used to from any other theater in the area. Go check them out.

By the way, Bee Movie was enjoyable, and Ryan loved it. The animation was fantastic and greatly rendered in this fine theater.

Update:  I thought I should mention that the West Shore Theatre is our favorite in the area.  We recently went there to see The Bourne Ultimatum, and I noticed that they had cleaned or replaced the screen.  Mainly due to price and coziness, I have to recommend it most highly.