I can’t ping the DynDNS domain names I had registered and their website doesn’t remember my account. Be wary of free services. Anyone else have an issue with them?

Update: I had registered with DynDNS with my “root” Comcast.net email address, which I don’t check as regularly as Gmail. They gave me 48 hours to keep my account active in a message from 10/21 that I didn’t see it until… just now. Guess I’ll re-register, but my warning about free services stands; you get what you pay for. My account was completely blown away; their lost password service didn’t remember my email address.

The email talks about Account Upgrades “to prevent your hosts from expiring every 30 days.” Guess I was the victim of a money grab?

Update (10/25):  I think I was bitten by the fact that I wasn’t using an updater client to regularly check in to DynDNS since my IP doesn’t change very often.  I’ve re-registered with DynDNS and am running inadyn as a service to check in every so often.