I was alerted a few weeks back to the impending MFSL pressing of Rush’s 1980 album Permanent Waves via one of my Google News filters, and Power Windows just confirmed that Amazon has the product available for pre-order: Permanent Waves MFSL CD. I have the MFSL versions of Moving Pictures and Signals, so this would complete the re-treated set of what I consider the pinnacle of Rush’s output. Not that their other stuff is bad; these three albums are just so good.

MFSL (Mobile Fidelity Sound Labs) CDs are noted for their ample headroom and pristine quality. I’ve kicked myself several times for not picking up the 2112 MFSL CD when it was at retail. Once these pressings leave retail, they fetch a pretty penny on the open market. My pre-order for the PeW MFSL is in. How about yours?