Hat tip to Psychophil for occasionally encouraging the use of CFLs. I replaced a new hanging light fixture in the kitchen last weekend. The old one used a single, large 40-watt globe. The new fixture used three smaller G25 globes. I put in 40w incandescent G25 bulbs I had in stock for our bathroom lighting. The extra brightness was nice, but I figured this would be a great opportunity to try CFLs. I got some 9w G25 soft-white CFLs and put them in today. I was pleased at their instant start-up and lack of visible flicker. The kitchen table was illuminated perfectly. I’ll be looking to put more of these in other multi-bulb, non-fader circuits and fixtures around the house. The next two applications will be the recessed lighting in the kitchen (currently six 60w halogen floods) and the basement (six 75w lights on one circuit).