In this day and age, I’m completely miffed that I can’t upload DV footage from my Canon Elura 100’s IEEE1394 (Firewire) port to my new computer. I moved the cheap TI-compatible Firewire card I had in Earthshine to FarCry and haven’t been able to get the camcorder detected in either Windows XP x64 (using WinDV) or Ubuntu 7.04 x64 (using Kino). I may try to load up 32-bit XP to see if that’ll do it, but that seems too much like giving up. I still need to check and see if a Firewire-capable external hard drive I have is recognized on FarCry before I completely blame the OSs. I’ll probably end up getting another Firewire card for what’ll end up being the new Ghostrider (ie. the old Earthshine with a spiffy new 32-bit Windows install) and trying to upload the DV there. We’ll see. This problem has vexed me (admittedly part-time) for a few weeks now and I had to publicly complain. 😉

Update:  I’m going to try this adapter since one of the reviewers said specifically that it worked with their camcorder under XP x64 using WinDV.