Now that the 2007 NFL schedule is out and the doubleheader networks for each week are known, I figured I’d look at the schedule and attempt to determine what Sunday afternoon games will be shown by the Harrisburg area’s local CBS and FOX affiliates. I think it’s kind of pointless to predict all the 4pm games during the “flexible” portion of the schedule (weeks 11-17, starting Sunday, November 18th), so I’ll only attempt to predict the currently-scheduled 4pm games that involve regional teams.

For these predictions I’m assuming that we’re designated a secondary market for the following teams, in the following order: Baltimore Ravens, Philadelphia Eagles, Washington Redskins, and Pittsburgh Steelers. I’m also taking into account that traditionally our CBS affiliate (and presumably our FOX affiliate) will show a Steelers game in favor of a conflicting Ravens home game. (Reference.) There are surprisingly few Ravens/Steelers conflicts this season. Combine that with the fact that both local teams’ divisions are playing the AFC East, and you’ve got one happy Buffalo Bills fan here.

Here are my predictions (confirmed games in italics):

Week 1, Sunday, Sep. 9:
CBS: Pittsburgh at Cleveland, 1:00pm (HD)
FOX: Philadelphia at Green Bay, 1:00pm (HD)
FOX: Chicago at San Diego, 4:15pm (HD)

Week 2, Sunday, Sep. 16:
CBS: Buffalo at Pittsburgh, 1:00pm (HD)
CBS: NY Jets at Baltimore, 4:15pm (HD)
FOX: Green Bay at NY Giants, 1:00pm (HD)

Week 3, Sunday, Sep. 23:
CBS: Miami at NY Jets, 1:00pm (HD, or Buffalo at New England, 1:00pm, HD) Cincinnati at Seattle, 4:15pm (HD)
FOX: Detroit at Philadelphia, 1:00pm (HD)
FOX: NY Giants at Washington, 4:15pm (HD)

Week 4, Sunday, Sep. 30:
CBS: Baltimore at Cleveland, 1:00pm
CBS: Pittsburgh at Arizona, 4:15pm (HD) (or Denver at Indianapolis, 4:15pm)
FOX: St. Louis at Dallas, 1:00pm (HD)

Week 5, Sunday, Oct. 7:
CBS: Cleveland at New England, 1:00pm (or NY Jets at NY Giants, 1:00pm (HD))
CBS: Baltimore at San Francisco, 4:15pm (HD)
FOX: Seattle at Pittsburgh, 1:00pm (HD)

Week 6, Sunday, Oct. 14:
CBS: Miami at Cleveland, 1:00pm (or Cincinnati at Kansas City, 1:00pm (HD))
CBS: New England at Dallas, 4:15pm (HD)
FOX: Philadelphia at NY Jets, 1:00pm (HD)

Week 7, Sunday, Oct. 21:
CBS: Baltimore at Buffalo, 1:00pm (HD)
FOX: Arizona at Washington, 1:00pm (HD)
FOX: Chicago at Philadelphia, 4:15pm (HD)

Week 8, Sunday, Oct. 28:
CBS: Pittsburgh at Cincinnati, 1:00pm (HD)
FOX: Philadelphia at Minnesota, 1:00pm (HD)
FOX: Washington at New England, 4:15pm (HD)

Week 9, Sunday, Nov. 4:
CBS: Cincinnati at Buffalo, 1:00pm
CBS: New England at Indianapolis, 4:15pm (HD)
FOX: Washington at NY Jets, 1:00pm

Week 10, Sunday, Nov. 11:
CBS: Cleveland at Pittsburgh, 1:00pm (HD)
FOX: Philadelphia at Washington, 1:00pm (HD)
FOX: Dallas at NY Giants, 4:15pm (HD)

(Flexible scheduling begins now; predictions will be less accurate. (Ed. 10/25: I’ll try to guess these anyways… 😉 )

Week 11, Sunday, Nov. 18:
CBS: Pittsburgh at NY Jets, 1:00pm Pittsburgh at NY Jets, 4:05pm (HD) (time change) (eclipses Cleveland at Baltimore, 1:00pm and Miami at Philadelphia, 1:00pm)
FOX: Washington at Dallas, 1:00pm NY Giants at Detroit, 1:00 pm (HD) (Miami at Philadelphia, 1:00pm won’t be covered by FOX)
FOX Doubleheader FOX: Washington at Dallas, 4:15pm (HD) (time change)

Week 12, Sunday, Nov. 25:
CBS: Tennessee at Cincinnati, 1:00pm (or Houston at Cleveland, 1:00pm (HD)) (Ed: Makes sense – Cleveland’s doing much better than Cincinnati right now.)
FOX: Washington at Tampa Bay, 1:00pm (HD)
CBS Doubleheader CBS: Baltimore at San Diego, 4:15pm (HD)

Week 13, Sunday, Dec. 2:
CBS: Buffalo at Washington, 1:00pm (HD)
FOX: Seattle at Philadelphia, 1:00pm (HD)
FOX: Doubleheader FOX: NY Giants at Chicago, 4:15pm (HD)

Week 14, Sunday, Dec. 9:
CBS: Pittsburgh at New England, 1:00pm (flexed to 4:15pm) Oakland at Green Bay, 1:00pm (HD)
FOX: NY Giants at Philadelphia, 1:00pm (HD)
CBS: Doubleheader CBS: Kansas City at Denver, 4:15pm Pittsburgh at New England, 4:15pm (HD)

Week 15, Sunday, Dec. 16:
CBS: Baltimore at Miami, 1:00pm (HD) (eclipses Jacksonville at Pittsburgh, 1:00pm)
FOX: Green Bay at St. Louis, 1:00pm (HD)
FOX: Philadelphia at Dallas, 4:15pm (HD) (unless it moves to Sunday evening)

Week 16, Sunday, Dec. 23:
CBS: Cleveland at Cincinnati, 1:00pm (HD)
FOX: Philadelphia at New Orleans, 1:00pm (HD)
CBS: Baltimore at Seattle, 4:15pm (HD) (unless it moves to Sunday evening)

Week 17, Sunday, Dec. 30:
CBS: Pittsburgh at Baltimore, 1:00pm
FOX: Dallas at Washington, 1:00pm (Buffalo at Philadelphia, 1:00pm won’t be covered by FOX, and Pit@Bal will probably trump. Possible reference.)
CBS: Doubleheader CBS: San Diego at Oakland, 4:15pm
(NOT even going to bother trying to fix this one.  Both networks had doubleheaders, and games were moved around quite a bit since the schedule was first published.)
CBS: Buffalo at Philadelphia, 1pm (HD)
CBS:  Pittsburgh at Baltimore, 4:15pm (HD)
FOX: New Orleans at Chicago, 1pm (HD)
FOX: Dallas at Washington, 4:15pm (HD)

8/20: I’m going to update this entry occasionally to keep track of my accuracy. I’m also going to note which games were available in HD.