I can’t believe I just found out about the airing of remastered ST: TOS episodes after visiting StarTrek.com last week, but that’s life.  I checked out the my first one last night, “Space Seed“, one of the greatest Original Series episodes (it spawned Star Trek II: The Wrath Of Khan).  I couldn’t tell from the FAQ whether we were going to be able to see it in HD or 16:9, so I recorded it from WLYH-DT.  The episode was 4:3 windowboxed, and I couldn’t tell if it was HD.  I assume it wasn’t. 

However, the episode looked gorgeous, and the digitally-rendered space scenes and opening montage weren’t distracting at all.  The credits had the same look and feel as the original.  The cleaned-up filmstock was noticably colorful, and even the ending credits were faithful.

I’m recording WHP-DT‘s showing late tonight to see if it’s in 16:9 just in case.  After that, I’ll subscribe to one of the weekly showings so that I can re-enjoy all these great episodes.  I just wished I’d noticed them sooner!  They’ve been airing one per week since last September!

Update (3/5): WHP-DT showed last week’s episode, “The Paradise Syndrome”, in 4:3 last night, even though Comcast’s guide expected “Space Seed”.  I just watched the beginning.  I’ll watch the rest of it later and will subscribe to WLYH-DT’s weekly offering since they seem to be following the published schedule.