From Porcupine Tree – Recent News:


Following two album playback events in New York and at Abbey Road in London, the track listing of the new Porcupine Tree album “Fear of a Blank Planet” has been revealed:

1. Fear of a Blank Planet (7.28)
2. My Ashes (5.07)
3. Anesthetize (17.42)
4. Sentimental (5.26)
5. Way Out of Here (7.37)
6. Sleep Together (7.28)

The album is set for April release through Roadrunner in Europe, Atlantic in the US, and WHD Entertainment in Japan. It’s likely that both the stereo CD and 5.1 surround sound DVDA will be packaged together as standard.

Can’t wait to get this album. I like what I’m reading in the last paragraph: that I can get both the CD and DVD-A together. I decided to get their last album, Deadwing, in a special edition with CD and DTS DVD (not high-res DVD-A) and missed out on some bonus tracks. (Technically.) If these sessions were anything like DW and In Absentia, the boys have some great non-album tracks ready for release as well. Two of my favorite PT tracks, “Drown With Me” and “So Called Friend” didn’t make their respective sessions’ albums.