Ryan joined the Cub Scouts this year and Pack 23’s annual Pinewood Derby is today. I wanted to keep the car’s design simple so that Ryan felt it was his, or perhaps ours, but definitely not mine.

We had talked about some very basic designs that would mold the car into more of a minivan-like design than an Indy racer. He picked red and yellow as his colors; I think they were probably inspired by Lightning McQueen from Cars. Our quick trip to Buffalo last weekend was well-timed; we visited his grandpa’s wood shop to make our cuts and sand our corners. Ryan wasn’t allowed to use the saw, of course, but he did do some of the sanding once we showed him how. We continued sanding by hand from home and sealed and painted the car over the course of this last week. We put the axles and wheels on this morning. It’s ready to go.

There’s definitely more we could have done to tweak up the car, but I wanted to keep it simple since we didn’t allocate a whole lot of time to it. I didn’t want to heap a lot of detail to the project because I though it might turn Ryan off. I’m hoping he’s inspired by the race this afternoon and keeps his eyes open for car designs for next year. I know I will be!

Links to photos to come later.

Update (1/29): IMG_0431