I called in to Guitar Center last Thursday and “Cowboy” let me know that the Geddy Lee Jazz Bass they had transferred on my request was in. I brought my unsold Hamer Slammer 5-string in to trade-in towards the GLJB over my early lunch hour on Friday. After 30 minutes of off-and-on research, manager Dan offered me $175 ($125 plus a $50 discount) towards the new bass. I took it. That 30 minutes was well-spent; I inspected the bass and played it through a Behringer 2×10 amp. It sounded nice!

I got the bass and its gig bag for a little more than $550 after tax as a result. I took it with me on our short excursion to Buffalo this weekend and tuned it up and played it some more (sans effects pedals) on Saturday. After we got back yesterday, I brought it in with me to play at church. Playing it through my pedals and the 15″ Peavey amp at church sounded nice, and the difference in tone from my Ibanez SR1205 drew complements from my bandmates. It was a dream to play with its smooth, thin neck (like my old Ibanez SR800 bass) and comfortable setup. I was planning to get a new strap and possibly strap locks for this, but my old backup leather strap seemed OK. We’ll see.