Prompted by Melissa to clean out our office to make room for the “guest room” stuff that needs to come out of our unborn little one’s room, I’m thanking the utility of in helping me manage my CD inventory.  Not only can I easily search through it, but it helps me get rid of the stuff I no longer want (easily a third of what I have).  I’ve had music CD’s in a number of locations throughout the house, but now I’ve removed just about everything from upstairs to create caches in the family room (a mixed bag of the family’s CDs) and the basement (just my stuff, and the cruft).

Tastes change, but I certainly did a lot of frivolous CD buying in the ’90s.   Aside from friends whose musical tastes I trust, Lala has become my “music hub” and helps me to discover and aquire more stuff I might not have known about or sought otherwise.  And it’s served as an OK means to getting rid of stuff I no longer want.