No local takers for my Hamer bass (yet), so I’m considering a trade-in at Guitar Center towards a new Geddy Lee Jazz Bass.  Stopped by there on Tuesday and they didn’t have one in stock, so I’m going to call back today to see if they’ve located one for me.  There are two apparently barely-used ones with hard cases on eBay right now, but if I got one of those I’d still have my Hamer, which I want to part with before getting the GLJB.  The perils of itchy bass fingers!

Small, trivial, only-for-me blog note:  My Ibanez SR1205 that I’ve had for close to 10 years (or more? Chris?) has had strap-lock-compatible cleats on it for all this time, which have contributed to the time where my non-locked strap has easily come off.  I got some Schaller strap locks on Tuesday and they were compatible with the cleats already on the bass.  Five tool-less minutes later, my strap was mated securely with the bass.  Nice.

Update:  Don at GC says they have a bass in transit and it should be there next week!  I’ll try to ignore the eBay stuff (priced very nicely given that they include a hardshell case) as I wait for that one to arrive.