My mother-in-law, Linda, gave me Neil Peart‘s Roadshow: Landscape With Drums: A Concert Tour by Motorcycle, which I’m reading now.  I love Neil’s books as much as I enjoy his drumming and lyrics in Rush.  Highly recommended for new BMW motorcycle owner Jonathan.

Melissa gave me iWoz, Steve Wozniak‘s bio.  Should be a fun read; I’ve enjoyed Woz when I’ve heard him on podcasts over the past few years.

Melissa also gave me Superman II – The Richard Donner Cut, which is highly recommended by fellow BDFLer Andy Bolin.  I’m looking forward to seeing this; I haven’t seen the original in at least a decade.

Melissa surprised me with the remix single “re: free” from OSI; well, it was on my wishlist!  I dig all the OSI/Kevin Moore stuff I’ve heard, and this is no exception.