Why is it that kids pick the week before Christmas to act up the most? We’re having to have a “strict” day with Ryan today before what we are hoping is a joyful and relaxing Christmas week.

I usually have a few Porcupine Tree CDs in my car’s changer and I use them to “charge up” before work. Since it’s just a 10-minute drive, I usually have time for one or two songs. One of the songs I’ve discovered I have more appreciation now than when I first heard it is “Prodigal” from In Absentia. I’m going to totally learn that on the bass, even the syncopated part at the very end of the song. Steven Wilson’s outro solo is very Lifeson-esque, and it gets me air-guitaring every time.

Speaking of bass, I’ve been wanted to pull the trigger on a bass switch; my old Hamer Slammer Series Chapparral 5-string for a new Fender Geddy Lee Jazz (or possibly the Squier Modified 70’s Jazz). I haven’t tried to trade anything in to Guitar Center yet, so I’m a little nervous. What I definitely haven’t had the nerve to do is to make the switch before Christmas. This self-indulgence can wait. My 5-string Ibanez SR1205 is still in great shape and is my main ax.

My enthusiasm in improving ICYG is stagnating. Every time I think I’ll sit down and code the ultimate playlist-generating Python library, I feel I’m not up to the task. I’m actually thinking seriously about building a small-form-factor Linux box for various media-serving, though I doubt I’ll find a stream renderer that suits me more than my current Foobar2000/Oddcast combo.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and yours.

Update (12/30): The Hamer bass I mentioned is for sale.