Most Saturday mornings we shop at the Weis market on Jonestown Rd (Rt. 22) here in Harrisburg. There’s a Giant market closer to us, but we’ve been going to this Weis because it never seems to get too crowded. Not that we think they’re necessarily better than the Giant; for example, their produce, meat, and bakery departments aren’t as nice as Giant’s. But for the majority of the stuff we get, we’d rather not deal with the crowds.

Well, they really surprised us this morining. They’ve had Santa in before Christmas in previous years, and he spoke to the children and gave them a trinket. This year, he was set up in a more prominent location, a nice lady took a free Polaroid of the kids with Santa, and he gave them a stocking with at least $7 worth of stuff in it. Ryan was ecstatic. There were also sampling stations set up all around the store; more than I can remeber seeing before.

I doubt we’d see a similar level of kindness from Giant; the lines would be too long.