OK, I’ve avoided using hosted blog services forever, but WordPress.com seems pretty darn nice.  I like what I’ve seen at Six Apart’s Vox, but that service doesn’t yet offer export.  WP.com does, so I’m going to try it.  Why am I here?  Tired of tweaking Movable Type to avoid the negative effects of “spam storms” to appease my hosting provider.  I’ll continue to use MT as the CMS for Manolas, but that’s it for now.  Cygweb circa 2002-2006 (made static) will continue to be available at http://alexharden.org/blog/, but my new home is now aharden.wordpress.com.  At least, it is until I decide whether or not I want to attach a better domain name to it.  I don’t mind pimping WP.com; they have a very nice solution.