We’re having another boy! He’s due May 9th. We had a nice 30-minute ultrasound visit with him yesterday.

I’ve been very busy at work for the last month plus bringing up a cluster of two large Opteron-based servers running VI3 Enterprise. It’s my first experience with the high-availability features of the VMware ESX platform. It’s very nice! I’ve implemented a clustered iSCSI target implementation using NetApp FAS3020‘s to serve as the shared storage. Now that everything’s up and integrated, it’s working quite well. Pretty soon I’ll be ready to start moving real workload to the cluster. I would work on VMware solutions full-time if I could; that’s how good that software is.

I made the playoffs in the BDFL for the first time this year, but I didn’t get past the first round. Now that I’ve had a taste of the postseason, I want more!

Thinking about doing something different with the blog in the new year. We’ll see!