Besides the BDFL podcasts, I haven’t had much in the way of Net output, so here goes. I’ve been busy at home getting furniture moved around as previously blogged; we have some stuff coming tomorrow. As a part of the moves, I got a new Dell 1907FP LCD monitor and it definitely beats the 17″ CRT that it’s demoted. After having a similar one at work for over a year now, I definitely knew what I was missing at home.

More of my audio stuff (Mackie 1202VLZ, Alesis QSR, Yamaha MIDI controller) has made it back into the basement as a result. I haven’t played the synth much since getting the bass thing going full-time again, but we’ll see.

I’ve been extremely busy at work, probably one of my busiest times there. I’ve been waist-deep in blade servers and VMware for the last few weeks and it’s all finally coming online. This is probably going to end up being the most significant infrastructure I’ve helped design and build to date, and I think it’s going to showcase how we can best manage our Windows Server infrastructure in the future. It’s also fun to have extra hardware to test out Ubuntu on. 🙂

Melissa is doing great. We can’t wait for her next ultrasound so that we can find out the baby’s gender. We’re both looking forward to having another little one around here.