I mentioned on last Tuesday’s BDFL podcast that I finally moved this site to another hosting provider. I now have cygweb and the MHS site co-hosted on the same MT 3.33 instance. One thing I wasn’t prepared for is a rise in comment spam. Apparently this MT instance was in some spammers’ site, but since MHS doesn’t have comments, it was bulletproof. Not so much now. I highly encourage you to use TypeKey if you want to comment, but I may incorporate a simple Turing test (perhaps the one implemented in the TinyTuring plugin) for those that don’t want to authenticate just to comment.

Just as the winter weather starts kicking in here in Harrisburg, the wheels of change have started turning as it pertains to our furniture. We’re expecting our second child in early May, so to get his/her new room ready we have to move some stuff around.

To make our office an even better guest room, we’ve decided to move the computer desk and quite a bit of the multimedia hardware to the basement. In its place will be a very functional armoire-style desk that will be narrower and easy to close up when guests are using the room. I have to move quite a few things around to make that happen, but we will be modernizing some of our equipment to soften the blow. My venerable Samsung Syncmaster 17GLsi monitor will go downstairs and it its place will most likely be a new Dell 20″ LCD.

Ryan’s room will say bye-bye to the dresser that can host a baby-changing mat, in favor of a larger chest of drawers and a computer desk. He plays games on my old “Maestro” computer, which will get its own keyboard, mouse, and small LCD monitor.

We will most likely hold on to Melissa’s childhood furniture which is now in the new baby’s room for later use, but some of it will have to go in the already crowded basement. I think we’re going to have to finally junk some of the stuff we have in storage to make room. And of course, the crib will be rebuilt in the baby’s room in the spring, after we’ve had a chance to paint it and decorate.

We’ve had the benefit of a lot of storage space for years now. The new little one is making us re-evaluate some of this stuff we hold on to for no other reason than to not get rid of it.