Melissa and I had a great time going to see the Bills beat the Vikings yesterday.

Traffic in the area of Ralph Wilson Stadium was backed up, but no worse than I thought it’d be. We were in the thick of it for about 20-30 minutes and then parked in one of the outer lots off Abbott Road. I wasn’t thrilled by the idea of buying a window sticker for $7 or any of the other memorabilia I saw, so we headed into the Stadium about an hour before kickoff. That gave us time to get some food, find our seats, and settle in. We were pretty worried about both the tempature and the chance for rain; neither turned out to be a factor. Temps were in the low 60s, there was no rain, and the wind swirled around a bit. Great football weather.

Our seats turned out to be great. They were in the front row of section 200, nearly lined up with the goalposts. We had a great view of everything but the Jumbotron — it was behind us. I brought some binoculars with me, and they were a great help when play was at the other end of the field. The guys were plenty close when on our side. I didn’t mind seeing the game from that perspective; I liked seeing the formations head-on.

And the game? Great. Willis McGahee’s first TD of the season came in the end zone closest to us. We knew it would be a low-scoring game, but I didn’t think the Bills would let the Vikings come back late in the game. They kept it together and got a little bit of luck as well. One thing I was proud of was that the stadium got very noisy (I helped) every time the Vikings offense had the ball; I have to think that had an effect. Seeing the game in person reminded me that these guys are still human, and that media coverage of NFL games tends to over-amplify both the game and the players. But it’s all in good fun.

Thanks again to Melissa (I love you!) for treating me to a great early birthday present!