This weekend saw Manolas at two events: the Great Road Festival in Camp Hill on Saturday, and Fort Hunter Day on Sunday. This is the first time we’ve done two shows in one weekend; now we know why. They ate up the majority of our time!

We were disappointed by our sales in Camp Hill. This was our third year there, but it was our worst performance. We think less people came out this year than last. One highlight for me was taking my dad over to Holmes Cycling (we were set up right across the street from them) and checking out some Trek and Bianchi road bikes. I was partial to the Trek 1200 and Pilot 1.2. When we got home, I mowed the lawn (which was tall after our recent rain) and then we had a relaxing jazz-infused meal at Cafe Fresco.

On Sunday I was able to sate my football desires by listening to 1460 “The Ticket”; they were providing live coverage of all the games in progress. Imagine my excitement as I was hearing how well the Bills were doing down in Miami! They were one of my upset picks this week. Our first experience at Fort Hunter wasn’t too bad, except for the tree in our area that was a little too short for our tent. It was nice to not be back-to-back to other vendors. We were near the children’s play area. Our sales were much better than Saturday’s, so it made the trip worth it.

Mom and Dad stepped up their normal weekender to make it happen; they stayed until after dinner. Mom made a great lasagna that we all enjoyed. We’re so thankful they’re close enough to come down to watch Ryan and enjoy these weekends with us.