Melissa and I took the day off together today. Once we got Ryan to camp and my car dropped off for maintenance (and a successful diagnosis/recharge of its A/C) we headed down to the shop in Lancaster where Melissa purchases her bulk oils for Manolas. I don’t get down to the Lancaster area very often, and I’d never been to downtown Lancaster. Since we’d planned nothing but the oil-shopping trip, we headed over there.

Downtown Lancaster was informative to tourists without being overly gaudy. After getting our bearings, we found a lot to park at (Queen and Chestnut) and headed to the center of town. We thought the Central Market was great; certainly the place I’d go to buy fresh food if I lived in the area. We also checked out the Cultural History Museum, which had a number of artifacts of the area from the past 150 years. It also shared info about Pennsylvania’s German settlers, which includes the Amish and the Mennonites. We had lunch over at the Lancaster Dispensing Company; I had the chicken corn noodle soup and tacos and Melissa had the turkey/bacon/cheese croissant. All the food was tasty and relatively cheap.

We explored a number of shops, especially taking notice of all the PA-based handcrafted soaps. There’s a lot of people doing that. There was also a good amount of handcrafted wood products and artwork. In just our few gorgeous morning/afternoon hours there, Lancaster seemed like a nice, quiet place to live and work.