Melissa and I are still greatly enjoying Rock Star: Supernova. The band chose last week to do the now-standard “double-boot” week, getting rid of two contestants, Josh and Jill. I enjoyed Josh’s performances, but his style and delivery were too clean for Supernova. I enjoyed a few of Jill’s performances, especially Heart’s “Alone”, but her occasional yell-singing and tendency to copy original artists’ visual performances (most notably Courtney Love and Tracy Bonham) didn’t appeal to me.

This week’s “unplugged” performances (three of which used electric guitars – shame!) really separated the final eight for me into the final four and those who won’t make it. The final four of Rock Star: Supernova will be:

  • Dilana
  • Lukas
  • Magni
  • Storm

I’m half-tempted to pick Zayra instead of Storm, but I have to think that after performing her Latin-feel original song last night the band has to know what they’re getting with her. I thought the performance was great and showed the type of music she’s most comfortable with & sounds best singing. I don’t think she would sound good as Supernova’s lead singer.

As to a final two prediction, let’s say Dilana and Lukas.