Yesterday we ended up staying in until Ryan was feeling better in the early afternoon. We went to Deception Pass State Park on the north end of Whidbey Island and hiked around. We walked the Deception Pass bridge, which was impressive, but after being on the Royal Gorge bridge, it isn’t as big. 😉 We hiked up to the summit of Goose Rock and got a great view of the island from there. On our way back, we parked in Oak Harbor to check out the merchants on Main Street. Like our trip to Coupeville, there wasn’t a whole lot of activity. We ate dinner at Dave’s Bistro, where we received excellent service from Dave himself. I had a nice, smooth clam chowder and fetuccini alfredo with shrimp. Melissa and Ryan shared homemade cheese ravioli. All dishes were superb.

We were able to get back to the cottage and settled in time to watch Rock Star, and were pleased with Dilana, Jill, and Toby’s performances. I liked Storm’s as well. We didn’t see the results show today, but were both surprised by them. We think Zayra should have been let go.


Anyways, today we went back to downtown Seattle and checked out the Pike Place Market area (huge and varied!). After eating lunch there, we walked south on 1st Ave to get down to the Pioneer Square area. The Underground Tour was my favorite activity of the day. I never knew that the city of Seattle built up 25 blocks worth of underground to solve their flooding and sewage problems. Wild. After the tour we took a bus back up 1st Ave to re-visit a Market vendor and then went to the Pike Pub and Brewery for dinner. Pike’s Pale Ale compared favorably to ABC’s.