Yesterday we spent the day traveling to the Seattle, WA area. We’re staying in a cottage on Whidbey Island, which is a little farther north from Seattle area than you might think looking at a map. The ferry ride from the mainland to the island added a bit of a delay, but once we were over here and settled in, I finally started to relax. I’m probably still 2 hours ahead of local time, but that will probably fix itself tonight. It certainly can’t hurt to retire and rise early; it’ll make our adjustment when we get back next Saturday that much easier.

There’s quite a bit to do here, and we’re right around the corner from a state park, so we may decide to stay on the island another day longer than we thought coming here. I have to speak to the trip coordinator. 😉 That’s the good thing about coming on a trip where we haven’t pre-paid for a lot of activities; it makes things a lot more flexible.

I’m slumming it occasionally on 56k, so I’ll probably check in another time or two over the course of the week.