Melissa and I have really been enjoying Rock Star: Supernova together. We’ve even been watching the online episodes that show song selection, practice, and interactions between the “rockers”. Last night’s show had the third performance from the contestants, and it’s now becoming clearer to me who will make the final four.

Dana has a great voice. “Born to be mild” is a bit caustic, but she wouldn’t seem right singing for Supernova. Zayra is certainly sassy enough to have a chance, but she has too smooth a delivery. She performed a decent rendition of “Everybody Hurts”, but I like Ty’s cover of last season much better.

Speaking of the songs that are being covered, it seems like about 95% of them were ones used last season. That’s lame. Having some “classic rock” tracks (even repeats from last season) are OK, but if Supernova’s music is going to be metal/alternative that should be the genre that’s concentrated on. Of course, we haven’t been shown what kind of music to expect from Supernova yet, which is lame as well. It smacks of laziness on the part of the producers for the band and Dave Navarro to chide contestants for picking too “soft” a song when the every song on the board each week must be covered. I think the show saved licensing costs by re-using the rights to the songs they licensed for last season.

I was hoping we’d get to see a performance or two from Supernova by now, but instead we had Jason Newstead with the House Band, whom I dig lots, for a “White Rabbit” cover by Phil. That was an enjoyable performance; I was impressed with Phil’s delivery. He even “crushed it” a little at the end.

Dilana’s “Zombie” was a little rough, but she kept it together. Storm’s performances the last two weeks have had more “acting” than I think they should have. I think some of her antics take away from her pitch control to an annoying extent. Josh doesn’t have the voice that Supernova needs, but he’s a great singer. I don’t think Ryan or Lucas could sing the way they did for 2+ minutes last night for a 2-hour show five nights a week. It would be too rough on their voice.

My final four at this point of the competition: Dilana, Patrice, Toby, and Phil. I’m tempted to put Magni in there instead of Phil; his cover of STP’s “Plush” (which I haven’t heard in a while but love—Desert Ice used to play it) was quite enjoyable. Things will probably happen that’ll change my opinion, but there it is for now.

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