This Saturday, Melissa and I returned to Downtown Chambersburg‘s “Old Market Day” and sold some soaps. We didn’t do as well as last year, although from what we’re hearing from the other crafters it seems to be a down year. I suspect some of last year’s disposable income has been sucked into the more expensive gasoline we’re buying these days. It was nice to get out there, and aside from a 10-minute downpour the weather was great.

After dinner, we took in the Harrison Ford thriller, Firewall. It was OK, but it was light on the tech, heavy on the action. It had a few plot holes, but overall fit the bill.

It was pretty hot today, even this morning. My dad and I took a two-hour bike ride through Hummelstown and Middletown and back. My dad spied the historic St. Peter’s Lutheran Church in Middletown, built in the 1700’s; we stopped by there and took a look in its cemetary, spying some original gravestones from the 1800’s. Neat. I haven’t been able to get out riding as much as I’d like, usually just Saturday or Sunday morning, so I think I might be taking the medium (32-mile) version of the Covered Bridge ride in August. We’ll see. I definitely don’t think I’ll have the same issues I had on the Tour de Cure, but I don’t want completely zonk out after the ride.

After the bike ride, we cleaned up and took in a nice lunch over at Duke’s Riverside (formerly the Wormleysburg Gingerbread Man). That’s a nice place to go for lunch on a weekend, that’s for sure. Not crowded at all.